I feel weak and I feel heavy. The desk is shaking with every word I type so I've had to move back to my bed. I feel so bad this morning; I'd had a rough night as in I flipped out to a friend for something that is not even real. Maybe I ought to... Continue Reading →


A Paperchase panic

Monday, somewhere between 1-3pm. Paperchase, Selfridges After my friend wanted to take pictures of the window displays, we took a look around the Paperchase in order to find a Christmas present for a family member (I had something in mind). There it was, the perfect gift. £5. Perfect. I could buy it now or come back... Continue Reading →

Monthly meltdown

Yup, it's that time of the month...no no no, not my period but my meltdown. I'll have at least one every month. When I was younger I used to describe it as 'I have to cry randomly sometimes otherwise my tears build up and overflow'. Now I guess I have an explanation? So it's just... Continue Reading →

My mood has peaked

It's official. My mood has reached it's peak. All I can think is 'how long will this last'. Truthfully, I never want it to end. Autumn is my favourite time of year so maybe that's why I'm on anti-depressant medication so maybe that's why I have control of my college project so maybe that's why... Continue Reading →

A list of comforts

When I've become run down and unable to do anything, I have to be comforted. I prefer to be in my room which I've found to be my own personal bubble where things are kept how I like. Here's some things that I find comforting in times of struggle: Pressure. Not mental pressure as in... Continue Reading →

An open letter of explanation

I'm here to simply explain myself. Whether you want to hear that is up to you but I do feel I have to since I'm a little wired up differently Firstly, I'm quiet because I'm scared. I'm afraid of a lot of things and get anxious about multiple things. If I'm quiet and barely talk... Continue Reading →

Sensitivity (pt1?)

As an autistic person, I'm rather sensitive to many things. These things didn't become too apparent until I was a teenager (which is when my autism showed more and I was able to get diagnosed). Here's sounds that bother me: Large crisp packets with the little packets in them you get what I mean yeah? Pots... Continue Reading →

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